Jeanine about page

“I create art as a gift back for what the world and mother nature give to me.”

The Artist

Arriving in Northern California some 10 years ago to live and paint, was both a physical and spiritual journey. I started my design/artist expressions at an early age through colored pencil drawings and was delightfully surprised when neighbors purchased my pieces. In my early 20s I started on my interior design path, and have been blessed with my busy and successful interior design company for over 30 years. I am deeply grateful for the opportunity to create beauty and joy in both my life and in the lives of many others through my art.

The Movement

My passion to bring creativity into the world, is expressed in many artistic forms including murals and wall finishes. Using both acrylics and pastels I paint “en plein air” (a French term meaning to paint in the open air). A particular image in nature will catch my eye and will touch me deeply, you will then find me painting at my easel within the community, responding to what is touched within and translating my experience into my art. I “teach” creativity classes and illustrate children’s books as ways for me to answer the call of enriching the natural creativity within us all.

The Creativity

A student once asked in my  class to define creativity. I answered… “Creativity is bringing the formless into form.” Recently,  I have added    “…and the form into formlessness.” This is the passion and motivation for my painting. I am constantly drinking in the essence of mother nature and translating her spirit into my art form. Why do I paint?  Because I cannot imagine otherwise!

The Invitation

I invite you in, to be still, and explore what is possible in each moment. From this place, this space, is a wondrous invitation to love more fully, to laugh more often, and to share the joy of who and what we are. Express this essence as appreciation and as creativity.

In joy…and in gratitude…