Greetings dearest friends and all those who have an interest and passion for creativity! I am so excited and filled with gratitude… to be presenting my latest paintings and all that transpired for me during their creation.

For me, painting so truly is another avenue for expressing the precious feelings that continually delight and inspire as a human being!

My pastel easel paintings have now become more focused with a wondrous… gentle…and yet powerful watercolor under-painting on U-art sanded paper.


To softly great and meet the subject by caressing the paper with the watercolors and brush…as I lay laying in an intimate “pathway” for the pastels to follow is such a….well…such a powerful experience as a human Being painting!

The pastel strokes that follow are so familiar so full of passion, beyond words! And…and…the pure delight and proudness of traveling with the painting into resolution. Just see for yourself with the final painting.


My next painting that afternoon in Indian Canyons… Palm Springs with the entire group of artist’s on Albert’s mentoring program…oh my!


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