Mentoring Paint-A-Long in Mendocino and Fort Bragg

Well dear friends, art lovers…. hello once again!

Albert and I have just completed another fabulous mentoring Paint-A-Long workshop in the magical towns of Mendocino and Fort Bragg, CA. To paint within the glory of Mother Ocean… her power…. the fog…is always memorable during our costal Paint-A-Longs.

A most meaningful and inspirational 10 days for all of us filled with painting on the sandy beaches as well as in the thickets of the wind swept coastal pines. Below you may view two of my pastel paintings of these magnificent “old soul” trees.

Greeting friends/artist from our previous workshops…and meeting new fellow artists…is always one of the high-lights of our time together including our social time together during the group dinners. What a delight!

Albert and me on one our many “en plein-air” afternoons… the powerful sounds of the ocean behind. Over the years, painting next to Albert, seeing what he leaves out and what he paints, continues to bethe greatest influence in my progress as a painter.

Ah… the final artist’s critique!  Always so valuable to have a master painter, review my paintings bringing attention to my strengths and themes as well as giving me direction and “Homework” suggestions.

“OCEAN FOG” – Mendocino – 12″ X 18″ • Pastel on sanded paper

“COSTAL BEND” – Mendocino  –  12″ X 18″ • Pastel on Sanded Paper

Already looking forward to our next workshop and sharing all the excitement thru my posting!

Thanks for viewing!

In joy… Jeanine

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